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The survey, conducted by KAM Media on behalf of the BBPA, showed of the 308 participants across six pub companies covered by the Pubs Code, 80% responded positively to questions about their relationship with BDMs, stating the advice given was professional, transparent, and fair.

BBPA chief executive Emma McClarkin said: “The partnership pub model has proven time and time again how helpful it can be to have a pub company to turn to for advice.

“The model supports a range of peo…….


The survey, carried out by KAM Media on behalf of the BBPA, conagencyed of the 308 individuals throughout six pub corporations coated by the Pubs Code, 80% responded constructively to Questions on their relationship with BDMs, stating The recommfinishation given was expert, clear, and truthful.

BBPA chief authorities Emma McClarkin said: “The partnership pub mannequin has conagencyed time and time as quickly as extra how useful It Might be to have a pub agency To level out to for suggestion.

“The mannequin assists A selection Of people to run Their very personal pubs, from first timers to seasoned publicans, matching people embedded Inside the communities they serve with the market information and oversight To Guarantee their pubs can thrive.”

Exact end outcomes 

Furtherextra, three quarters of respondents said their relationship with their pub agency had improved As a Outcome of the introduction of the Pubs Code in 2016.

Whereas a quantity of thousand hospitality companies closed for good By way of the pandemic, the monetary and wider assist provided by pub corporations huge and small to their publicans enabled these pubs to re-open and proceed to be On The center of the communities they serve, Based mostly on the BBPA, with BDMs advising on everyfactor from market trfinishs to renovations.  

Licensee of the Station, King’s Heath, Birmingham, Darren Paul, beneathtook a refurb of The floor space of his pub following suggestion from his pub agency, a partnership which he said, “delivered real end outcomes” and was of “good worth” to him, serving to him maintain focused on the Everyday working of the pub while nonetheless recognizing funding alternatives.

Furtherextra, Licensee of the Hare and House in Tingley, Leeds, Jackie Fairburn said she “actually appreciated” The recommfinishation on upcoming trfinishs from her pub agency as they stored the operator Up So far with what drinks are properly-appreciated, notably with up-and-coming beer merchandise, which she said she “wouldn’t know completely differentwise”.

Important relationship 

She added: “I get A lot of comfort from understanding There’s On A daily basis somebody On The completely different finish of the telephone ought to I want suggestion on one factor, however On The identical time they let me do My very personal factor and run my pub The biggest method I even Need to run it.”

This comes as a current survey carried out by the Pubs Code Adjudicator, Fiona Dickie, echoed the BBPA’s findings with 76% of tenants agreeing their BDM was truthful in discussions.

Dickie​ said: “That is An important relationship and beneath the Pubs Code tenants have a proper to be dealt with truthfully by their BDM and to acquire relevant notes of discussions.

“It’s pleasing to see Almost all of respondents said their pub agency relationship has improved As a Outcome of the Code, further demonstrating the constructive distinction It is making for regulated tied tenants.”